sv/t2 3rd pres bríeðeþ past bréaþ/bruðon ptp is gebroðen to decay, waste away

Old to modern English dictionary. 2013.

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  • brothel — bawdy house, 1590s, shortened from brothel house, from brothel prostitute (late 15c.), earlier vile, worthless person of either sex (14c.), from O.E. broðen pp. of breoðan deteriorate, go to ruin, from P.Gmc. *breuthanan, var. of *breutanan to… …   Etymology dictionary

  • bhrē̆ u-1, bhrū̆ - —     bhrē̆ u 1, bhrū̆     English meaning: to pierce, break     Deutsche Übersetzung: “with scharfem Werkzeug schneiden, abschaben etc”, especially Gmc. “zerschlagen, brechen”     Note: extension from bher     Material: O.Ind. bhrūṇ a m “embryo”… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

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